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Mining/Custom Landscape Materials


The company began production of decorative landscape boulders from its Big Horn quarry under the name of Custom Boulders in July of 1995. A crushing and screening plant was purchased the following year to also produce decorative gravels. In July 1998, the company changed its name to Custom Landscape Materials, L.L.C. to more accurately reflect the nature of its business. On September 5, 2002 West Valley Rock was opened in Buckeye, to provide for the needs of the West Valley consumer. In April 2003 the Belmont Granite quarry began production of “Desert Granite” decorative rock along with State and Mag Spec aggregates. During January of 2005, Fancy Concrete started supplying colored and grey concrete to the local west Maricopa county market. Our latest addition to our product line was the acquisition of a “Redi-Rock” franchise in March 2007 by West Valley Precast.

Property and Location

Custom Landscape Materials’ “Big Horn” property consists of 10 patented mining claims, comprising approximately 209 acres. It is located 80 miles west of downtown Phoenix, north of I-10 about 40 miles about halfway between Aquila and Wickenburg on the Aquila road. (Location Map Attached) The property lies on the North Slope of the eastern Big Horn Mountains in an area of intense geological deformation and alteration. It is the site of a previously mined gold deposit which is the source of the alteration in the immediate area leading to the various coloration’s of the host rocks for the 6 different gravel colors produced at the site.

Custom Landscape Materials’ “Belmont” property consists of B.L.M. mining claims, comprising approximately 100 acres. It is located 60 miles west of downtown Phoenix, north of I-10 about 20 miles on the Wickenburg, Vulture Mine road. (Location Map Attached) The Belmont property is located at the north end of the Belmont Mountains a granitic intrusion. The production of homogeneous light colored granite in all sizes, as well as the harvesting of surface eroded boulders occurs at this site. West Valley Rock, Fancy Concrete And West Valley Precast are all located on a 29 acre parcel northwest of I-10 & Miller Road in Buckeye. The location was chosen for the freeway access and visibility. The central location of the west Maricopa county future development expected over the next decade was also a determining factor of this location.

Production Capacity

Custom Landscape Materials operates a crushing and screening plant at all its Big Horn Pit, Belmont Pit. Capable of producing more than 5000 tons of gravel per day. In addition pit support equipment consisting of eight 6 to 8 yard loaders, 4 smaller front end loaders, 3 excavators, 2 loader backhoes, 5 water trucks, 28 haul trucks, bulldozers, drills, and a complete shop and repair facility are used at each pit in the production process. The company also produces many sizes of riprap ( 1-5”, 3-8”, 8-12”,12”-24”) plus boulders in each of the 12 colors produced. Reserves The Big Horn quarry of Custom Landscape Materials are situated on 10 patented mining claims of approximately 209 acres. Virtually almost the entire property is mineable and hosts rock formations within the six colors being produced at the present time.

These are as follows:
  • Arizona Blonde - Pink
  • Desert Spice - Tan with purple green highlights
  • Desert Tan - Light tan
  • Saddleback Brown - Dark brown
  • Jesse Red - Dark red / maroon
  • Sundance Blend - multi-colored

Although a tonnage estimate of reserves is not feasible, the company expects sufficient reserves are available at current production rates for several decades.

The Belmont quarry is situated on a large granitic intrusion. The current outcrop that is being mined is approximately 3 to 5 million cubic yards in size. The potential mining area is approximately 100 times larger on adjacent outcrops of the same granitic material.


All of the gravel produced at the company’s Big Horn quarry is a variably silicified rhyolite or andesite. The rock having a hardness of 14% abrasion loss @ 500 revolutions, based on Los Angeles Abrasion Tests, ASTM C131. (Results available)

Seven colors are produced:
  1. Arizona Blonde - An overall light pink color, it includes variations from deep red through pastel pinks with gray to buff inclusions.
  2. Desert Spice - Typically a neutral tan color overall it. Have variations of darker tans to green and deep maroon highlights.
  3. Desert Tan - A much paler version of Desert Spice, it tends toward a creamy yellow / gray color.
  4. Saddleback Brown - A rich dark milk chocolate color with moderate maroon color on fresh surfaces. In addition, an occasional dark green or red highlight.
  5. Jesse Red - A dark red overall this andesitic and hard gravel is the host rock of the gold deposits. It includes fragments of quartz veins and eye catching blues, greens, and turquoise of copper oxide.
  6. Sundance Blend -A multi–colored pale maroon and tan that was specifically designed for the “Sundance” master-planned Community in Buckeye.
  7. Belmont Gold -A light indigenous colored medium grained hard granite.
  8. Ponderosa Platinum- A medium toned Reddish Brown in a very hard and clean rock.
  9. Desert Vista Brown- A Dark Brown and green mix that highlights any lush landscape.

Product Sizing

All products are available in the following sizes:
  • 1” sized - 3/4” to 1 1/4”
  • 1/2” sized - 1/4” to 3/4”
  • 3/8” sized - 2mm to ?”
  • Infield Mix and Mound mix
  • 1/4” minus
  • 3/4’ minus
  • 1 1/4’ minus
  • 1 1/4” to 5” Rip Rap
  • 3” to 8” Rip Rap
  • 8” to 12” Rip Rap
  • Larger rip rap upon special order.
  • Boulders - To any size.
  • Belmont Gold Mag. ABC

Custom Landscape Materials
11435 North Cave Creek Rd.
Phoenix, Arizona 85020

Location Map

1. To Get to The Big Horn Pit from Phoenix Take I-10 to 339th Ave. (exit 103 and Rip Griffin`s Truck Stop). Go north to Indian School Rd.(1 1/2miles) then go west to 355th Ave(1 1/2miles). Now proceed north approximately 17 miles to the "Stop"sign at the corner of Vulture Mine Rd. &355th Ave. Travel STRAIGHT through the corner onto the county gravel road( Note the Custom Landscape Materials sign). Drive 11 miles on this road to the Custom landscape Materials road that turns to the south. After traveling for six miles on the southerly road you will be at Custom Landscape Materials.

2. To Get to The Belmont "Desert Granite" pit Take I-10 to 339th Ave. (exit 103 and Rip Griffin`s Truck Stop). Go north to Indian School Rd.(1 1/2miles) then go west to 355th Ave(1 1/2miles). Now proceed north approximately 17 miles to the "Stop"sign at the corner of Vulture Mine Rd. & 355th Ave. Turn south (left) onto the pit access gravel road. Drive 11/2 miles on this road to the Custom landscape Materials road that turns to the west (right). This is the entrance to the Pit.

We deliver to all of Arizona and Southern California, including:
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Buckeye, AZ
  • Avondale, AZ
  • Goodyear, AZ
  • Surprise, AZ
  • Tonopah, AZ
  • Peoria, AZ
  • Glendale, AZ
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Tempe, AZ
  • Mesa, AZ